Jessica Arnatt, Sound Practitioner

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An Experienced & Passionate Sound Practitioner

“My hope, when sharing this knowledge and experience, is to empower others with the understanding that they can change their frequency which, in turn, can change lives. 

I hope to bring awareness, to spark a flame, to create the change we wish to see in ourselves, and in the world, with love, light and gratitude.”

Jessica Arnatt

As an experienced Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl sound practitioner, Jessica began her passionate journey into sound healing in 2014. Through strong mentorship and regular practice, she has gained a profound understanding of how powerful sound healing can be, when combined with intention, to raise our vibration for a healthier state in the body, mind and spirit.
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The Power & Purity of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls

Due to their purity and stability, the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls raise the vibration of everything. When we have a higher frequency in the body, mind, and spirit, we are healthier and happier. When the bowls are being played the vibrational impact is more than just what we feel within ourselves; it continues out to the universe.